Mama Essential Perineal Care
Mama Essential Perineal Care
Mama Essential Perineal Care
Mama Essential Perineal Care Mama Essential Perineal Care Mama Essential Perineal Care

Mama Essential Perineal Care


The Perineal Essentials Care Kit is a curated selection of our most multifunctional care products for the perineal area (tissue between vagina & anus) to get you started on your postpartum recovery.

We care about what you are putting in and on your body.  Our kits are filled with Natural and Organic products sourced from within Australia. 


  • Reusable Perineum strip with five disposable sleeves by BodyIce Woman
  • Additional pack of 5 disposable sleeves for BodyIce Woman perineum strip 
  • Soothing Salve 30ml by Blissful Herbs
  • Calico Drawstring Bag


BodyIce Woman have created heaven in a strip, and a hospital bag must have! This specially designed perineum strip can be used both pre and post childbirth.

It is comfortable and easy to use in your recovery process, providing instant cooling and soothing relief to the perineal area which can be swollen and tender. Additionally, the strip can be used to treat hemorrhoids and symphysis pubis dysfunction.

When heated, this multipurpose strip can be used effectively during the second stage of labour to help reduce the occurrence of perineal trauma. So, it is a hospital bag essential!

The strip comes ready with 5 disposable covers.

SOOTHING SALVE - by Blissful Herbs

This gentle and natural balm is locally sourced and can be used to support the healing of the perineum after birth. It is the perfect remedy for small tears, grazes and skid marks.

Additionally, the ‘balm of a thousand uses’ has been specially formulated so it can be used for nipple care during breastfeeding and because of its properties, does not need to be wiped off for baby to breastfeed.

The soothing salve can also be used for preventing nappy rash, general first aid and for use on minor skin problems such as mild eczema, small cuts and mosquito bites (to name a few!).

So even after you’ve recovered postpartum, soothing salve makes a fantastic all natural addition to your first aid!


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